Working With A Film Composer

Academy Award Winning Composer, Howard Shore says, "Music is essentially an emotional language, so you want to feel something from the relationships and build music based on those feelings”.  A film's music score is but a spoke in the creation of a beautiful medium. Yet finding the "write" (pun intended) music is as essential as it is to finding the right actors, editor, dp and crew to tell your story. 

Here's what a director/producer colleague had to say: "Composed music is really what sets your movie apart. People recognize a stock track when they hear one, and even if you have the best editor editing to that track, you will never get the richness and customization of a music piece made just for you. With a composed track you are telling your audience you were willing to go all the way and invest in this movie and you are promising something they have never heard before." JESSE MEDALIA STRAUSS-

Here's a few questions I like to ask clients to consider: 

-When you think of your favorite films and t.v. shows, do the majority of them use composers or library music? 
-When cutting a project to a pre-existing library track is the editing process limited by what the music is doing? 
-How much better would it be for your film to have music written to YOUR edits?

Having a composer on your project can take your story to that next level. A good composer knows how to listen to, and deliver on what a director is looking for. They also know how to offer ideas and suggestions when a director is unsure. They are bringing education, experience, and use of their studio to help directors tell their story in the best way possible, without getting in the way.

Here's what another director/producer had to say: “Sound is half of any video experience, and so often overlooked. Music is sound’s version of beautiful b-roll; you need a great score to accompany your video and if the timing doesn’t match the experience often falls flat. A custom piece of music created by a skilled composer is a must for every big production we do." CHAD HORN-

I want to work with you to help your film, trailer, documentary, commercial, sizzle reel, tv show, trailer, video game, or any other medium be the best it can be. You might need a whole score, or just an opening sequence. Maybe you want a song, or something a bit quirky and non-traditional. I'm able to help you with any of these, and welcome the opportunity to talk more about your story. Contact me anytime at or 443-831-1472. 

As Steven Spielberg said, If I weren't a director, I would want to be a film composer”.

Good luck with all of your current and future projects.

Thanks for reading,